Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black&White Inspiration and Ideas

-          Different textures:
o   Lace, chiffon, tulle, taffeta, mesh, crochet, sequins, laser-cut, fur, feathers
o   Create a contrast by flawlessly mixing fabrics & even patterns if possible
o   Potential overlay of just pieces of fabric around person or to extend the length of a dress, etc
-          Contrast
o   between what is loose and what is tight
§  Emphasize the figure more
o   With fabrics to play out the various details
-          Camera techniques/ editing
o   Shooting in color then convert to black&white
o   Enables us to selectively pick which colors to enhance to stand out once in black and white; a whole other level of variations in gray
o   Playing with the light
§  Must think about what time of day we choose to shoot; effects with sun if location is outside
§  To highlight certain features/textures
§  To add as a backdrop (dreamy effect)
-          Things to show
o   Womanly curves (implicitly with see-through, chiffon articles; explicitly with bareness or body-con articles)
o   Back & shoulders
§  Use of cut outs and bare back clothing
-          Make up & hair
o   Defined make up
o   Exaggerated
o   sensual

Inspiration photos in no particular order:

 - Rosa

more pictures after the jump:

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