Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fake Colorful Hair - Primary Point

We had discussed using chalk in order to give our models temporary colorful hair - here's a good tutorial on how exactly to use that (the tutorial uses oil pastels on the model's hair).

-Kiyana Salkeld

Monday, March 26, 2012

Black & White

this jacket has really cool sheer sleeves, that the camera didn't pick up. 

Razan and I did some clothes scouting at Crossroads and here are some items we found and thought possibly had potential for the shoot.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black&White - scout

I went to Buffalo& Sway yesterday. They both have lots of sheer pieces with plenty of high low dresses/skirts; nothing was too architectural though.

Here are some interesting pieces.

- Rosa

Thursday, March 15, 2012

chalk art for primary point

I know the primary point group had discussed incorporating chalk into our shoot and I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen any of the really intricate chalk drawings that pop up around Berkeley - I've generally seen them near the BART station, but the artist was working on a drawing on upper sproul last week. His stuff is really cool and maybe we could potentially reach out to this guy and see if he'd be willing to draw something for us? Here are a couple of photos of his stuff - not exactly what we want in our shoot, but I figured I'd post these pictures because they demonstrate the fact that he is a talented artist.

Kiyana Salkeld

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black&White Inspiration and Ideas

-          Different textures:
o   Lace, chiffon, tulle, taffeta, mesh, crochet, sequins, laser-cut, fur, feathers
o   Create a contrast by flawlessly mixing fabrics & even patterns if possible
o   Potential overlay of just pieces of fabric around person or to extend the length of a dress, etc
-          Contrast
o   between what is loose and what is tight
§  Emphasize the figure more
o   With fabrics to play out the various details
-          Camera techniques/ editing
o   Shooting in color then convert to black&white
o   Enables us to selectively pick which colors to enhance to stand out once in black and white; a whole other level of variations in gray
o   Playing with the light
§  Must think about what time of day we choose to shoot; effects with sun if location is outside
§  To highlight certain features/textures
§  To add as a backdrop (dreamy effect)
-          Things to show
o   Womanly curves (implicitly with see-through, chiffon articles; explicitly with bareness or body-con articles)
o   Back & shoulders
§  Use of cut outs and bare back clothing
-          Make up & hair
o   Defined make up
o   Exaggerated
o   sensual

Inspiration photos in no particular order:

 - Rosa

more pictures after the jump:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black and White (OMG)

I just thought these were too fabulous not to share. I LOVE the simplicity but the boldness of the last one. Look at how architectural and organic it can be at the same time!

Posted by: Ryan Roschke

Deserted Dreamers

post by saika

Pastel Contrast

While the fashion is too glamorous for the theme of our shoot, I thought the makeup and hair choices for Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue demonstrate beautifully how you can draw attention to pastel without overkilling it.  Offsetting the muted gowns with bold lips and eyes (and in Rooney Mara's case, a jet black bob) creates a lovely juxtaposition of soft and edgy.

Posted by Jansen Trahan

Deserted Dream

Really digging these tones and images.

Photos by Allison Scarpulla (

- Danish Saeed

pastel perfection

pastel hair, color inspiration